Healthy Minds, Healthy Futures

TPYS offers individual, family, and group counselling.  Service is available to youth aged 12 to 17 years (until 18th birthday). These services are free of charge. Services are available in our offices, in the community, by phone, and in some cases in the client’s home. Counselling can be scheduled throughout the day and into the evening to accommodate client needs.

Services are provided by counsellors trained in social work or related fields such as clinical psychology. A consulting psychologist or psychiatrist may also be involved as part of the multi-disciplinary counselling team. The clinical team is committed to providing an evidence informed, client centered, strengths-based relationship-based approach that is sensitive to each client’s unique needs. Our support focuses on achieving the goals set out in partnership with the client. Sometimes other service providers, such as doctors, teachers, or other agencies, are encouraged to be a part of the service team (with the consent of the client).

TPYS staff also provides walk-in services. They give youth a chance to get immediate single session counselling. We apply the same model of building upon strengths and developing skills to help cope with mental health issues, health issues or substance abuse concerns. We are based in the walk-in clinic located at Skylark Children, Youth & Families,  operated as a  partnership between Turning Point,  Skylark and Central Toronto Youth Services (CTYS).  All What’s Up Walk-In clinics throughout the City are free of charge.

If someone is in need of immediate help and cannot wait, the walk-in might be a good choice for them. The walk-in operates five days a week.  You do not need an appointment, and can attend up to 3 sessions. Many people feel that is enough, but if they need more support and counselling after visiting the walk-in, they can always access longer term counselling support by calling our Intake Coordinator.


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