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Welcome! If you are visiting this page, it’s probably because you are a parent, guardian, or someone else concerned about a young person’s wellbeing. Turning Point Youth Services has a broad range of supports and services that can help. Our professionally trained staff take pride in looking at each youth as a unique individual.  In collaboration with our clients we build a plan that works towards meeting the young person and their family’s goals.  As a client’s needs evolve, we work together to adjust their treatment plan and access the relevant support.

We work with youth on problems such as anxiety and depression, suicidal thoughts or actions, bullying, emotion regulation such as anger (anger management), relationship issues (with family, friends, partners, teachers, colleagues, etc.), death of a loved one, drug or alcohol use, and sexual orientation or gender identity. We also have specialized programs for youth in trouble with the law. And if you don’t recognize your family’s challenges or stressors on this list, we can still help. Our Intake Coordinator can be reached at 416-925-9250 ext. 224 and they will be able to point you in the right direction, and let you know whether Turning Point or another agency will best meet your needs. Everyone is working towards the best outcome for your youth and family.

You may be wondering about the role of the parent during treatment. This varies depending on the program and also the wishes of the youth. The support and conversations we have with our clients are confidential. Often it is beneficial to include family members in the discussion and with the client’s permission, you may be an integral part of the care.

We try our best to be flexible in our scheduling, so if you are working during the day, we can arrange to meet in the evening. You may also be wondering about the costs associated with care at Turning Point. Our services are offered free of charge.

Please take a tour of our website. You can read more about the programs and about TPYS.

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