Healthy Minds, Healthy Futures

In terms of our use of internet technology, the Agency’s website does not collect or store personal information of any kind. We do not use cookies or other mechanisms to gather user device information or other information about the users of our site, and no personal identifying information is collected.

The contact form on our website is set up as a direct email and does not store the results or any other data on the server.

The Agency does not engage in sending commercial electronic messages, so there is no mechanism in place for users to opt in or out of receiving electronic communications.

Our website uses features of Google Analytics to show the traffic on our site (i.e. how many people visit each day/month/year, what pages the users go to, bounce rates, where the users are coming from, etc.). Our use of Google Analytics does not collect any personal information but does log the country from which the site is being viewed from. Turning Point may use this information to understand the usage on our site and to help us determine whether our communication efforts are effective, but we do not share our data with any third parties.

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