Healthy Minds, Healthy Futures

For Youth and Families is a good resource for young people. Under the HELP section at the top there is lots of information about mental health. This site was developed and maintained with young people in mind and young people are actively involved with the content. is based out east and affiliated with Dalhousie University. This site provides lots of information for young people, families and professionals. was developed by researchers, practitioners and young people for young people. Children’s Mental Health Ontario has lots of information for youth, parents and professionals. is the Canadian Mental Health Association website and has information about mental health initiatives throughout Ontario. They send out a news blast and you can sign up to get it. provides mental health resources and an interactive online tool that will help parents and caregivers find reliable information on different mental health issues, and recommendations on how to manage those issues. has mental health resources and links to mental health service providers in your geographic area.

For Professionals provides resources and information to professionals working in the field of youth mental health. developed by CAMH is a site where professionals can access information on different forums about mental health and substance abuse.  You have to request to join the site, but it is simple. has a number of tools, services and trainings for professionals working in the child and youth mental health field.

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