Healthy Minds, Healthy Futures

Turning Point Youth Services provides ongoing opportunities for youth and caregivers to participate in the organization through meaningful engagement and advocacy activities. The agency strives to empower youth and their caregivers to identify and participate in issues that they deem important. Youth and their caregivers/support people are active participants in all planning meetings related to their care or treatment.

“I’m really impressed with all the professionalism and compassion that has been offered to our family. It really helps me and I found support in how to best deal with difficult situations. From the bottom of my heart…Thank you.”

“After an extremely difficult couple of years, our daughter is doing fantastic.  She is looking forward to graduating this year(!) and has been carrying more than a full course load this term – and doing it quite well, with a 94% average. Your help and guidance was instrumental in showing her she could do this – THANK YOU.”

“Working with staff in the Keeping Families Together program has brought our family closer. Before we would always have huge fights that would leave everyone feeling unappreciated and exhausted. At this point we are better at taking time to listen to each other, we argue less often, and spend more time enjoying being together.”

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